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Premium Smoked Cocktail Kits.

Join the exclusive club of luxury cocktail enthusiasts with Sons of Smoke. Our high-grade aluminum smoke topper and premium barrel-aged wood stave shavings provide the perfect blend of rich, smoky flavors and aromas. Indulge in luxury with Sons of Smoke.

Hardwood Shavings: The Secret Ingredient to Perfect Cocktails

Our wood shavings can be used in your infuser, on a board or in the Devil's Crown drink topper.  Each pack is approximately 2oz, and can smoke 30+ drinks. Buy 1 or get adventurous and explore the many complex aromas each hardwood has to offer. We offer seasoned Apple, Cherry, Oak and Hickory. 

Premium shavings are also available! Planed from retired barrel staves used to slowly age many of the finest brands of bourbon, whiskey and wine. 

Barrel Stave Chunks:

Smooth, rich smoke for the seasoned pitmaster.

Cut from retired barrels that for years slowly aged many of the finest brands of bourbon, whiskey, and wine. Sons of Smoke oak barrel chunks are air dried preserving the complex flavours infused from spirits of the past. The years of aging in these pre-toasted white oak barrels allow for a flavour infusing smoke that is perfect for anything you put on the grill. Our chunks come in a beautiful burlap reusable bag. Enjoy!

The Devil's Crown: Elevating Cocktail Smoking

Introducing the Devil's Crown - the perfect addition to any cocktail lover's collection. This sleek and stylish smoke topper is expertly crafted from anodized aluminum, ensuring it lasts you a lifetime. Use it to add an extra dimension to your favourite drinks and impress your guests with with a unique drinking experience. Each topper comes complete with two canisters of wood shavings. 

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