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Want to create hand crafted smoked cocktails?

Add some sophistication to your drink by smoking your own cocktails. Our hand crafted smoking boards, chips and toppers make it easy to add a rich, smoky flavour to your favourite cocktail.

Looking to give your cocktail a little something extra?

Our wood shavings can be used in your infuser, on a board or in our topper.  Each pack is approximately 2oz, and can smoke 30+ drinks. Buy 1 or stock up and buy a few. These chips come in a variety of flavours, Apple, Cherry, Oak and Hickory. 

Premium shavings are also available. Cut from retired barrels used to slowly age with many of the best brands. We have taken our aged barrels and created something very special.  

Barrel Chunks are an easy & simple way to add smoke to your cook.

Cut from retired barrels used to slowly age many of the best brands of bourbon, whiskey, wine. Sons of Smoke oak barrel chunks are air dried which preserves the fermented flavours imparting a sweeter, tastier flavour. The years of aging in these pre-toasted white oak barrels allow for a flavour infusing smoke that is perfect for all meats. Our chunks come in a beautiful burlap bag with plastic lining to keep in all the goodness. 

The Devils Crown is an easy way to infuse your drink with the smoke aroma of select woods and aged staves.

We have created something really special with our Smoke Topper. Each Topper is crafted of high-grade aluminum, available in natural, black and gun metal food safe anodized finish. The topper is sized to fit nearly every size and style of bar glass. Each topper comes complete with two canisters of wood shavings. Cheers!

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