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Devils Kit


The Devil's kit, comes with the Devil's Crown (our topper), a double flame torch (butane not included), and two 2oz tins of wood shavings for you to experiment with.  

Our Devil's Crown is engineered to maximize smoke distribution and built using high quality aluminum. Our torch is double barrelled, yes we said double! Uses a high pressure injection technology that creates a stronger, hotter, flame that pushes the smoke down for faster more efficient results.

Add a rich flavour and aroma of smoke to your own cocktails. 

Instructions on how to use the Devils Crown

Devils Crown


The Devils Crown comes with two 2oz tins for you to experiment with. 


Add the rich flavour and smell of hickory, oak, apple or cherry to your drink by smoking your own cocktails. We have created something really special. It works by adding wood shavings into the topper, lighting them using a lighter or kitchen grade torch. Let the smoke fill your glass coating the walls, ice and drink in the smells and flavours of your favourite wood.  

Instructions on how to use the Devils Crown

Wood Shavings

$12.99 each

Looking to give your cocktail a little something extra? Shavings can be used in your infuser, on a board or in our topper.  Each pack is approximately 2oz, buy 1 or stock up and buy a couple. These chips come in a variety of flavours:

  • Apple or Cherry are mild with a subtle sweet, fruity flavour. This smoking wood is ideal if you want to add a hint of flavour a good match for all cocktails.

  • Oak has a medium smoky flavour. It’s great by itself, but works well blended with apple, cherry or hickory.

  • Hickory smoking wood creates a sweet, yet strong bacon-flavour; the smoke can be strong, but it adds a nice flavour.

Premium Wood Shavings

$15.99 each

Cut from retired barrels used to slowly age with many of the best brands. We have taken our aged barrels and created something very special.  

  • Bourbon adds rich aroma of toasted oak and your favourite buroubon to your smoked cocktail.

  • Whiskey adds a complex aroma of toasted oak,vanilla and spice. Subtle sweetness with a long warm finish.

  • Red Wine barrels have a sweet fruity punch mixed with toasted oak aroma. Try smoking your red wine with red wine barrel shaving to add extra oak flavour.

  • White Wine Most people look for whiskey barrel staves, which have an amazing aroma but you must try the white wine staves. The smoke has a nutty vanilla aroma that smells absolutely delicious.

Barrel Chunks

$24.99 each

Cut from retired barrels used to slowly age many of the best brands of bourbon, whiskey, wine. Sons of Smoke oak barrel chunks are air dried which preserves the fermented flavours imparting a sweeter, tastier flavour. The years of aging in these pre-toasted white oak barrels allow for a flavour infusing smoke that is perfect for all meats. Our chunks come in a beautiful burlap bag with plastic lining to keep in all the goodness. 

Barrel chunks come in a variety of exceptional options: Bourbon, Whiskey, Red & White wine. Add amazing smokey flavour to your cook.