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  • The Devil's Kit
  • The Devil's Kit

The Devil's Kit


The Devils Kit is the perfect accessory for any cocktail enthusiast looking to add some drama to their drink. This kit comes complete with our cocktail smoker "The Devil's Crown", a double barrelled torch, and two 4oz tins of wood shavings to add a smoky depth and aroma to your favorite drinks. The sleek all black aluminum topper will add a touch of sophistication to any cocktail party. Impress your guests with this must-have cocktail accessory.


Add the rich flavour and smell of hickory, oak, apple or cherry to your drink by smoking your own cocktails. We have created something really special. It works by adding wood shavings into the burn chamber, lighting them using a lighter or kitchen grade torch. Let the smoke fill your glass coating the walls, ice and drink in the smells and flavours of your favourite wood.  Instructions on how to use the Devils Crown


    We have been create something that is truly unique. At  Sons of Smoke our goal is to make something that is not only functional but a statement piece to talk about over drinks.

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